Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Let The Church Say, AMEN!!

Good Morning! Andrae Crouch is responsible for writing the beautiful song, "Let the church say, Amen!" If you have not heard of this song, please visit YouTube and take a moment to listen not only to the song but to the WORDS written in the song. At times, we become so hypnotized by the melodies, harmonies to where we don't receive what the songwriter meant for us to receive through the WORDS. One famous section of this entire song I enjoy is:

Make this your response… AMEN
To whatever he says …AMEN
From the healing of your body…AMEN
To the raising of the dead…AMEN
No matter how you feeling…AMEN
Or how your world is reeling…AMEN
Battle on through the night…AMEN
Cause you’re going to win the fight…AMEN
Even in the valley…AMEN
Or standing at your red sea…AMEN
Continue to say…AMEN
Cause your help is on the way.. AMEN
My God has spoken
I heard him..LET THE CHURCH..So let the church say…SAY AMEN

And if you're feeling creative, insert your own personal statement and just say AMEN!!!

Remember God loves you and so do I! Have a blessed day!



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