Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hold On, Don't Give Up On God

Good Morning!

Trusting each of you are still holding on to God and his unchanging hands. On this past Sunday, one of our ministers brought a thought provoking sermon titled, "Hold On, Don't Give Up On God". Many of us are still experiencing some personal, financial, emotional and spiritual issues in our lives and find ourselves trapped in a place that we think there's no escape, BUT GOD!!! Saints, do not allow whatever your issue is to come in between you and your God. If you think about it for a moment, that's exactly what Satan wants for you to do. Satan wants to pin you in a dark hole because he's in a dark hole. Satan wants you to think lowly of yourself because he is lowly. Satan even wants you to think you are worthless because he is worthless. ALL LIES!!! Saints, I beseech  you now to shake off those self-defeating thoughts and begin to praise God. Praise God because it was HE who went to the pits of hell, reclaimed the keys and allowed his children to be free so that we may one day walk in LIGHT! Praise God because he considers you above the angels! Praise God because he considers each and every one of you a peculiar generation and a precious jewel...WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO SERVE A GOD LIKE THAT?!?!

Brothers and Sisters, I encourage you to pray and ask God for direction in your lives. Seek His face early in the morning and watch Him move on your behalf. We are his children; We are heirs to the promise. So don't doubt Him, don't be discouraged. Encourage yourself in the Lord Jesus Christ. Be blessed is my prayer!



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