Tuesday, March 27, 2012


God Bless You on this morning, Brothers and Sisters! Hoping your week has started off on the right track and if not, still PRAISE GOD, anyhow; you still have a few more days left!!! Have you ever wondered about the importance of "light"? One of the essential functions of light is to make SEEING possible! WOW!!!

I would like to share this personal testimony to you all: in just a matter of days, I've received phone calls, text messages, etc from my spiritual family who are dealing with health issues, inability to walk, ongoing pain, and so much more. It's difficult, at first, when trying to encourage someone when you yourself are in need of encouragement as well but when I think about Romans 12:15 "rejoice with those who rejoice; weep with those who weep", I know that I to have to remain strong for my family in hopes that their faith will not waver but be steadfast in the name of the Lord. We all have to be mindful and sensitive to God's Holy Spirit. Allow Him to do his work in us and through us. We have to trust that God is not slack concerning his promises to His people. So although the journey may seem tiresome and even stressful, trust in the LIGHT and watch how he will safely guide you throughout any periods of drought or darkness. Believe in God...Watch and Pray...Trust in the Light...

Be blessed,


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