Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pulling Me Through

Merry Christmas, Everybody!!!

"Pulling Me Through" is one of many God's blessed songs that has been my motivation this week. I encourage you, if you haven't already heard, to listen to this song on Youtube. Todd Delaney is the artist. Some of the lyrics are, "when I stumbled and I cried; when I felt like I wanted to die; when my friends turned and they walked away; You were right there; right here to stay. It was you, Lord it was you, pulling me through"...this is so true. Brothers and Sisters, we may not always understand why certain situations occur in our lives but know that it is working out for your good.

Heavenly Father, I come this day thanking you for another day. Father, for give us of our sins. Forgive us of any thoughts, actions that were not from you. Help us to walk this Christian journey with a made up mind to serve you each and everyday. Lord, strengthen each of us to overcome any obstacles in our lives. Oh God, we're not certain what this day will bring us but we are trusting and believing that all is well on today. Our families are well. Our marriages are well. Our spiritual families are well. Our friends are well. Father, we are so mindful to not allow anything or anyone to steal our joy on today. It's in you we live. It's in you we have strength. It's in you that we are able to mounted up on wings like an eagle. It's in you that we trust. Lord, bring peace to the minds, hearts and spirits. Whatever seems to be a burden upon your people, break yokes now in the name of Jesus. Depression, Disappointments, Fear, Worry, Stress, Loneliness, Pain, Sickness, you have to flee the children of God and go back to the pits of Hell. You have NO authority in this place. We are God's children. WE ARE A PECULIAR GENERATION! WE ARE OVERCOMERS!. WE ARE VICTORIOUS! WE ARE BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED! SO WE ALL DECLARE AND DECREE THAT THIS DAY THAT NOTHING WILL SEPARATE US FROM THE LOVE OF GOD!


Be Blessed,


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