Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Know Your Worth

Happy Holidays, Everyone! I hope and pray each of you are having a wonderful week. Now, let us forget about what happened on yesterday and let's go to the Lord in prayer...

Heavenly Father, we come this day with a gift of thanksgiving. Father, we thank you for blessing us to be amongst the land of the living. We thank you for your constant covering over each and every one of us and our families. Lord, we are ever so mindful to give your name all the glory, honor and praise that is due you. Lord, it is you whom we seek daily. It is you who we want to praise and glorify all the days of our lives. Father, it is you who sits high and looks low on all the people in this world. Fill us with a fiery desire to continue to spread your word unto your people. Fill us with your precious spirit to discern others who are hurting, who are depressed and who are ready to give up. Give us a servant's heart to love as you love so we may be able to discern between the right and wrong. Lord, help us to be patient in every areas of our lives. Help us to not judge. Help us to show kindness to all men. Lord, help us! As we continue to go through this week, remind us that we are a peculiar generation and that we are the head and not the tail. So, we come against any condemnation, guilt or shame for there is NO condemnation in those who love Christ Jesus. Father, we thank you for caring for us and showing us your love, daily. Lord, send your healing and deliverance to those that are faced with medical disparities in the name of Jesus. Lord, we thank you for breaking yokes of bondages whereas your children will experience a sense of peace, joy and freedom. We thank you Jesus for what you are about to do and praising you because it's already done. In your darling son Jesus name, Amen!

Be Blessed,


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