Monday, May 17, 2010

Organization Woes

Okay Y'all!

I have given myself 6 weeks to go through every nook,closet and cabinet in my house to purge what is no longer of any use to me, thrash what needs to be trashed and organize what I want to keep.

Years ago I purchased a book on organizing your home. You may think that is crazy but underneath this fun exterior is a perfectionist that I am trying to tame. As a closet perfectionist my frame of mind is, if I can't do it absolutely right and be successful then I just won't do it. Therefore I bought a book on organization and my Mom graciously gave me a label maker.

The dilemma is the book says to label my linen closet. Now, maybe I am crazy but if you can see the sheets and towels are on 2 different shelves then why do I need to label them. Sometimes we can take things just a little to far.

Why the push to be organized? It is simple. First, our God is a God of order. If everything has a time and a season then the tangible things should also have a place. Second, I want to be the best Proverbs 31 woman that I can be and that includes a home that is orderly. But, I don't think she had has many closets as I do. LOL! Anyway do you all have any organization tips for me?

FYI- I am not getting rid of my shoes!!!!!

Much Love,

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