Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My confession

OK people. I have a confession. The word of God says that confession is good for the soul. So here it goes! I live at Kroger. I write my list, check the store ads and cut coupons and still inevitably forget that one item that I cannot do without.

Monday I forgot vacuum bags. AHHH!!

So I go back to Kroger yesterday, walking as fast as I could in my heels trying to get to the filters. Now just so you know I went in to get ONE item, the vacuum bags. Then while standing there I see Hepa filters and begin to wonder, "Do I need that too?"?

So I pick up the box and read the back of it and then the Holy Spirit came in with common sense, "You don't know were it goes in the vacuum so why buy it". So I put the box down turnaround and YAM! The discounted/ discontinued shelves are behind me. So onto crisis number 2. Of course I love bargains like anyone else. It is so hard for me to pay full price for anything. So I got a pack of 3 Plugins for $1, yes I needed them because the house cannot smell like I have a dog. Even of Gizmo is the best dog in the world! And I bought a bag of cough drops for $.50 which I left at home while I am coughing here at work.

Anyway that is my confession. You maybe asking if I forgot anything else ands at this moment it is not coming to mind but just wait.

What is so great about our loving God is that with all of our issues He loves us. With all of our mess He loves us. Oh how He loves us so. He loves you just the way you are. How can we not serve and God like that.

Much Love,


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