Monday, August 23, 2010

When People Disappoint Us

Let me start by saying that God will never disappoint you. There will be times when you will feel that He is not there or that He has forgotten all about you and your situation. But He says in Joshua 1:5 "...I will never leave you nor forsake you." When God gives you a promise He keeps it. His word is true!

So how do we deal with people who disappoint us? First, we must remember that they are only human. You may want to say that they should know better or that they should know the difference between right and wrong however my friends they are still human. You may want to say that they profess to be saved. All of those things may very well be true however we must remember we are all dust. And the thing about dust is that it will go which ever way the wind is blowing when it is dry and life less.

Imagine a desert that is dry and baron. When the wind blows across that land the dust and sand go wherever the wind takes it. Some of us have dry areas in our spiritual life that we have not addressed or have not fully given over to God. So when situations arise we go which ever way the wind is blowing in that desert land.

So when people disappoint you do not take it personal. There is just a desert land in their life that is needing the healing water of Jesus and the planting of the Holy Ghost in their lives.

Love Ya,

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Candice said...

It's so ironic (or maybe not) that this is the issue that I've been struggling with lately. Feeling like everyone around me can't seem to live up to my standards and feeling like no one is ever there for me when i really need them. I think this is part of my journey of learning to put my trust in God. Yes, we are only human, and sometimes we all need to be reminded of that.