Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hitting Rock Bottom

Hello all! It has been some time since I wrote you and all I can say is I am sorry.

Today a thought (one of many) came to my mind. Many time we have heard people say they have hit rock bottom. We may have said it ourselves! When people say they have hit rock bottom they usually mean they have nothing left, all is lost or they have know where else to go. But my thought this morning is that for us as Christians the rock we should be hitting is Jesus.

If our house tumbles and everything we have worked for is gone, the rock we should come to is Jesus. Like a rock He is strong, sturdy and durable. That is why He tells us to depend on Him and to build our house on Him instead of on the shifting sand so that we can withstand the storms of life.

So the next time you have the thought that you have hit rock bottom or you hear someone say that they have hit rock bottom, just remember that the rock is Jesus and He can meet your every need and help you build again.

Be blessed my friends,

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