Sunday, April 25, 2010

A New Dedication

Alright it is 2:19AM and I have not fallen asleep yet. However Gizmo the Wonder Dog is snoring next to me. For almost 2 hours now I have been listening to worship songs and singing to my awesome God. I had to jump on to tell you, now is the time to rededicate yourself to the one who created you. Your heavenly Father has a work for you to do on this Earth. We get caught up in our daily lives (yes I am guilty of that too) and doing the things people want us to do (guilty of that too) so we end up putting God's work on the back burner to everyone and everything else.

Today at now 2:24AM I am making the commitment to put God on the front burner where He belongs. Is there a burning desire He has placed in your heart? Is there a task He has given you to do that He is waiting on you to start. He will bless you and give you the strength and the endurance to do it. God will never leave you nor forsake you. As you read this post commit with me that you will do what God has for you to do and that you will not wait until tomorrow but that you will start today.

Father, in the name of Jesus I pray. Please be with us your children as we go about doing your will. Help us to be salt and light everywhere we go showing people the way to You. Keep our feet on the path that leads to You. Help us to do all that You have given our hands to do. Help us not to forget that it is all for Your glory. For You are Holy, Holy, Holy. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Much Love

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