Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Importance of Down time

I am late submitting this blog. It was started while I was on a business trip to Phoenix, AZ.

Right now I am in Phoenix, AZ on a business trip. This trip has been great for me. I walked downtown to get my nails polished. (while getting a bad polish change the person poured out their woes and needed encouragement. Always on call for someone.) But the walk was great. Ok. I know I am the last person to talk about having downtime. Yes I am either doing something or needing to do something or thinking about doing something. All of the time! But getting away gave my mind a break.

Our minds need downtime. God can give us peace of mind but we have to slowdown or stop for a moment and accept it.


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artesia said...

I think if i had half of ur mentality and half my want-2-cihill-allday mentality i'd be great. I also think that most ppl associate downtown w being unproductive and have that fear of being sluggish in the eyes of God. Goodreminder that God called us to be balanced. --Artie