Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Date With Jesus

Hello All,

Funny story to share.  At this time in my life God has not blessed me with a mate but has blessed me with the gift of singleness.  So for Valentines, on the way home from a church meeting, I decided to take myself to dinner.  Then it hit me...  I will have another date with Jesus.  Sometime back I posted about my first date with my One and Only.

So I sent my BFF Chaquita a text that I was at Panera Bread to for my Valentines date with Jesus.  She replied , "let me know how it goes".  Too funny.  So when I called her this is part of the conversation we had.

C - How was it?
Me - Good.  He is the quite type so we didn't have any out loud conversation.
C - (laughing now) What did y'all eat?
Me - He didn't eat.  He watched me eat a very large bowl of soup and half a sandwich with a cookie. ( I am laughing my head off by then.)
Me - Since He provides me with income He really did pay for dinner.
C- Laughing uncontrollably and not able to respond.
Me - Since He lives in me when I opened the door He was opening the door for me.
Both of us are howling with laughter by then.

I share this funny story with you to let you know that we can choose how to see things in our lives.  As a positive or a negative. I could have been the sad single crying in her bowl of soup or the joyful single taking time to sit with her savior Christ Jesus and enjoy Valentines day.

Just to be transparent with you.  The day did not start as joyful as it ended.  It started with anxiety. (Forgot about being anxious for nothing.)  Hoping beyond hope that a special friend would ask me to dinner.  He didn't... But a friend who sticks closer then a brother, Jesus, was there all along wanting a little alone time with me.  Wow!

When was the last time you decided to make lemonade out of life's lemons?

Much Love To You All,


teri-free2bme said...

You and Chaquita are so precious! God bless you, sisters!

BTW~ I forgot about Panera ...we had them when I lived in P'Cola Florida,mmm-mmm-good- but we don't have one where I live now in South Texas :(

Salty and Bright said...

I so love this post...