Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What Do You Need?

Hello All!

Yesterday after a conversation with a dear friend of mine. She asked me, "What do you need"? I don't know what made her think to ask me that but I was in need of prayer. Specifically regarding discipline. As I wrote yesterday, I need to get up earlier in the morning in order to add waking hours to my day in order to get more things done. So, I then asked her what did she need and she mentioned guidance. So we prayed for each others needs before getting off the phone.

I later had the thought of how often do we talk with someone and not ask them, "What do you need"? People are in need all around us. They have spritual needs, financial needs, they need encouragment or maybe just a good laugh.

So I am asking you my dear friends, "What do you need"?

Much Love,

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Anonymous said...

I need patience, because I allow my own insecurities or some other precariousness in life to get the best of me.

I know God will supply all of my needs according to His riches in Glory, because he has given me just what I needed and sometimes even more numerous times before.

I want to be the kind of warrior in Christ that praises in the midst of the storm believing that my blessing is on the way--not like the apostle Thomas who didn't believe in the resurrection of Jesus unless he could touch His wombs.

I am going to continue to believe
God for the things I can't control or change, and I will change what I can.