Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy-Daughter day

Hello All!

As you know this was Father's Day weekend. Two weeks ago my father told me what he wanted to do on that Saturday leading up to Father's Day.

We went to Waffle House for a super breakfast! We walked out stuffed. Then Dad wanted to go to the farmer's market. This was the perfect thing to do right after our heavy breakfast. All though it was hot enough to fry an egg on my car the walk around the market turned out to be the perfect remedy for walking done our meal.

We enjoyed it so that Dad said we should go every 2 weeks. Then we walked over to the Flea Market. Neither one of us had ever been to a flea market before so it was almost over whelming for this shopper to see so many neat things. Most of what Dad and I bought was for Gizmo the Wonder Dog!

After the Flea and Farmer's Market Dad wanted to walk around the mall and he actually sat in the shoe store with me while I looked around. Can you believe it!!! (I did not buy anything. Not my kind of store.) Finally, I took him to pick up his truck. It was a great day!

Our Heavenly Father wants to take time with us as well. He is actually waiting on us to devote time out of our busy schedules for Him. When was the last time we sat down without any distractions. Just the two of you. Take the time beginning today to spend time with your one and only God.


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