Wednesday, July 25, 2012

When? (Sorry, became a long post.)

Happy Lunch Time,

It has been sometime since I have written to you.  I hope that all of you are doing well. I just wanted to jump on here quickly to share with you a thought.

Last night I watched a TV program about the struggles  some people are having after facing job loss.  One family truly touched my heart.  The husband lost his job and after that the wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.  His hurt, disappointment and discouragement was all over his face without him saying a word.  While watching him going through his  routines of making his kids lunches and taking them to school so that they could  have some normalcy, you could see the love he has for his family.  He said when he lost his job he lost his value to his family.  Heartbreaking to hear from a man who loves and needs his family so much.  

I am making this post not because of him but because of a comment his wife made.  She said, "I know we made vows.  In sickness, in health and we got the sickness.  For richer, for poorer and we got the poorer.  For better, for worse and we got the worse. When will we get the positive things."  Wow!  She did not talk to the host the rest of the show.  

How many times have we asked God when?  When Lord?  Well number, I don't know when.  I can say that I have asked that one word question many times over the years.  God does know when but it is hard because sometimes things seem to only get worse while waiting. We have to learn how to wait on Him and keep moving ahead.  Taking each day at a time.  

You may be saying, Jamison that is easier said than done.  But I assure you that it can be done. I have been there very recently.  

These are some of the things I did while going through nearly 3 years of struggle, disappointment and shame after loosing my job.

1.  Pray - Even when you are angry pray.  Even when your like this is my 40th time asking for this!  Pray anyway.

2. Cry - Let it out.  Job 16:20 talks about how Job poured out his tears to God. Crying does not mean you are weak.  When we are being broken for God's glory it is hard and it hurts.  Let the tears flow.

3. Read the Bible - Search the scriptures for God's promises.  When the time comes God's word will come back to you and you can pray His word to Him. ( Back to number 1.)

4. Journal or talk to someone. - Yes you are talking to God in prayer and you can talk to him throughout your day. It also helped me to have someone to talk to.  Out of my inner circle of 3 friends only 1 knew what was going on.  He held everything I said in confidence, let me talk and cry when I needed to and he fed me the necessary cupcake I occasionally needed. LOL!  If you don't have that one special person then write it down.  Write down every feeling thought and even your prayers.  WRITE IT!  This step is to help you get the words and questions out of your head.  

5. Disclaimer to number 4.- Watch your words.  Proverbs 18:21 tells us that life and death is in the power of the tongue so don't say something you don't want to see happen. 

6. Help and/or pray for other people.- The best way to get your mind off of yourself is to focus on someone else.  Pray for others even start a prayer journal or list of those you are praying for.  Help at your church or volunteer in the community.  This step also helps you to feel better about yourself and helps rebuild self esteem and confidence.  Plus seeing God answer your prayers for others is an encouragement to you that your answer is on the way.  

7.  BE GRATEFUL! - This is so important!!!  Be grateful that you are alive.  Be grateful that God has a plan for you.  Be grateful that Jesus Christ saved you.  Be grateful that God loves you. Be grateful that at this moment you have the technology to read this blog!  BE GRATEFUL!!!!  Right now just say, Lord I Thank You!  Lord I Love You.  

So how are things right now for me you ask.  So much better. Just on this past Monday I texted my mentor that I feel like myself again.  That my heart feels full of joy, love and peace.  Guys I have not felt like this in almost 3 years.  I was in a deep, deep pit but to God be the glory.

I hope this post has helped you.  Know that God loves you and so do I.

Much Love To You,

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