Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Never Be Bound Again

Good Morning, All! Hoping that your week is going smoothly for each of you. If not, just think, it very well could be worse so embrace the moments while you are still able to live and breathe God's precious air.

Earlier this morning, I heard this song titled "Never Be Bound Again". I attempted to post its lyrics online but was unable to locate them. But some of the words are: "I will never be, bound again; I have my liberty; now, I'm free". Brothers and Sisters, this song should be a testimony to all who have ever been in bondage, prison or desolation. Many of us have experienced countless losses in our lives; we've allowed for those circumstances to affect our ability, our emotions and even our will to live. But know you this day, that we will never be bound again. Whatever current or past sitauation you find yourselves in, know that God has already won the battle and each of you has been predestined for VICTORY!!! It may not look like it; it may not even feel like it but just know that God has a purpose for you.

Remember Jamison and I are praying for you and wishing you the best on your Christian journey. In addition, please let us know what comments or suggestions you all may have in assuring the Salty and Bright team are meeting your spiritual needs.

Have a wonderful day!



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