Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Monday!!!

Good Morning, Bloggers! Sorry for not reaching out to you all in the past week. Hoping that each of you are continuing holding on to God and his unchanging hands. Hoping that He will continue to enrich you and your families with peace, blessings and everlasting love. Remember that He is a God that can not lie and if we continue to delight ourselves in Him, he will give us the desires of our hearts. But let's not let that be our only means of serving Him. Let's become engrounded in His Word, His presence, His love so others may desire to know Him as well. Have you thanked Him today? Have you told him how much you love Him or adore Him? Don't hold on to anything and think He possibly doesn't know how you feel! Remember He already knew you when you were being created in the womb. HALLELUJAH!!!

Heavenly Father, we come this day with a mind made up to continue to serve, praise and worship you. Father, forgive us for any sins we have committed. Forgive us for not showing love to others as you would want us to. Convict us when we begin to think vain or deceitful things and cleanse us from selfish desires and wants. Father, we desire to stay in your will but help us to not fall prey to the enemy's tactics. We're aware that the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy; he's always looking for someone to devour. Father, we come before you and acknowledge that you are the potter and we're the clay. We acknowledge YOU being our buckler, our strong tower, our refuse in the time of the storm. Father, deposit in us a spirit of discernment and let us not be moved or tricked by flattering words or actions. As we continue to live day by day, we commit our every being, thought and ways unto you. Father, we're seeking your direction in all areas of our lives. You are the Good Shepherd and we desire to be led by your Holy Spirit. Father, we love you. Father, whatever you're doing in the midst of my brothers and sisters, Amen! Father, whatever or whomever you need for us to let go, Amen! Father, even with tears in our eyes from pain, heartache and frustration, or misunderstandings, Lord Amen! For we know that all things work together for the good of those who love God. Be blessed and encouraged is my forever prayer for each of you!

Have a wonderful week!



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