Thursday, December 16, 2010

Something Fresh and New!

First of all I have to apologize to you my followers. I have been so preoccupied with what has been going on in my own life these last couple of months, that I have not been feeding encouraging words into you all. Please forgive me. This blog is just as much a ministry to me as serving in ministry my local church and I am fully committed to serving you all with God's encouraging word.

It hit me like a ton of bricks this week that I had not been serving you all properly after speaking with 3 different people this week and sharing with them the same testimony and God given word. This blog is important to help share a positive word from the Lord who loves us so much.

Now for some very exciting news! Look to see "Salty and Bright" Podcast coming in 2011. People keep talking about so I am going to make it happen! This news among other things leads to the topic of discussion for today.

Something Fresh and New!
Have you ever gone to the Farmers Market and purchased a fresh piece of fruit? From the first bite you can taste the freshness of the fruit! Well, my question to you is are you asking and seeking for God to do something fresh and new through you. Are you fresh fruit? Our God is so full of so many new things that He has for us to do and how those things will impact others lives for His glory, so why wouldn't you ask and seek God for how He wants to use you to fulfill His plan.

Doing something new means stepping out of you comfort zone!
Doing something new means stretching beyond your limits!
Doing something new means having faith in something that you cannot see!

Will there be hindrances along the way? Absolutely! Some of them you know on a first name basis! (Someone just laughed) However, I now see that dealing with those persons is a test and we have to refuse to fail!!!

Doing a new thing is challenging. The road will seem long, rough and crooked. But remember Luke 3:5, "... The crooked roads shall become straight and the rough ways smooth". (NIV)

Notice that "roads" and "ways" are plural. Sometimes when the things become hard and challenging we begin to look for a different way to get things down or a different road to take. But to no avail. But Jesus can do something amazing. He can make the crooked roads straight and the rough ways smooth. He is like a bulldozer. Can you picture it! He can bulldoze our obstacles so that we can continue to do what He has commissioned us to do.

So get up and then get down on your knees and begin to ask and seek God about the something fresh and new that He is wanting to do through you!

Much Love,

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Candice said...

I just wanted to let you know that you have no need to ask for forgiveness from me. You have been there for me and gone out of your way to make sure that I was okay.
God is paving a smooth road for all of us. I'm in need of a Tonka Truck bulldozer at the moment! Stay encouraged and thank you for everything that you do!