Monday, October 11, 2010

So In Love!

Hello All,

Okay, before I start typing this blog I need to take a moment and make a disclaimer. I am not talking about a fella before I get comments on who is he. Even though it is a He.

His name is YAHWEH!

God is so amazing you all! As I sit here typing this blog the tears have come rushing to my eyes already just thinking about how wonderful my God is. Yes He is mine! ( I can be a little possessive.)

There is absolutely, positively no one like Him! The more I learn about Him the more I realize just how big He is. But on top of all the wonderful things He does, promises He keeps and storms He sees us through, the most amazing thing about our God is how much He loves us.

Sometimes I literally cannot understand how He loves me so much. Even knowing everything about me, He still loves me. Even when I am not giving Him my very best, He still loves me. When I have hard times and I cry out Lord I believe help my unbelief, He still loves me. How does He do it?

What a mighty, awesome, forgiving, strong, amazing, and most of all LOVING God we serve.

Do you love Him?

Much love to you,

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