Friday, October 1, 2010

Honest Friends

Hello all!

First I would like to say in my behalf that there were "no" misspelled words in the last post. Wrong word usage however, yes.

But the reason I am writing this post is because something hit me as I read the comments. That only a true and caring friend will tell you the truth about yourself. Only a friend will hurt you through their honesty and help you become a better person at the same time. People who always have something nice to say are okay but after a while you need someone who can be straight up honest with you and have your best interest at heart and that person is a true friend.

I have a number of people who are acquaintances but only a few whom I consider a friend.

Do you ever think about how God called Moses His friend? Moses was honest with God. When he had a concern or fear he took it straight to God. He did not beat around the bush. (Excuse the hidden pun.) When God wanted to destroy Israel in the wilderness Moses reminded God of the promise He made to bring them into the promise land. Only a true friend will remind his friend, even if the friends is God, of His word.

Are you a true friend to those you call "friends"? I hope that you are.

Thank you Shannon! :)

Much Love,


Candice said...

Jamison, we all love you and have all been guilty of being so excited about typing something that we use the wrong words in the wrong context. It happens to the best of us. Thank you for being a true and honest friend :). Much love, Candice

chaquita said...

(singing): "that's what friends are fooooorrr"...:)

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!