Saturday, March 27, 2010

It is the weekend

Hello All,

I am so ready for this weekend I don't even know what to do! Right now I am at play rehersal for our annual Singles Ministry play, but all I can think about it sitting on the couch with my dog Gizmo. Can't Wait!!!

Our God is so funny guys. One day I actually said, "Lord if I can't go on a date can I at least have a dog"? 5 days later I had Gizmo. One of the quickest answers to prayer I have ever had. LOL!! I guess He was like no problem. LOL!!!

What funny stories do you have about our wonderful God?


chaquita said...


Pretty picture...

Salty and Bright said...

Only my dear friend can talk about the baby.

chaquita said...

Thats' right people, ONLY I CAN!!! LOL

Salty & Bright, I think this blog is the best. I am hoping to 'blog it out' with you as the days passes by. Look forward to see what else God has in store for you. Love you chic and be blessed:)

Anonymous said...

Great Picture! I wanted to share a poem.......

When times are hard
And hearts are cold
GOD gives me strength
And peace unfolds
He brightens my day
And fills all voids
He keeps me sound on one accord
When you are lost stumbling and weak
Seek GOD
He is all you need