Friday, March 26, 2010

Big God, Big Job, Big Blessings

Hello All!

When was the last time you thought about how BIG our God is? Really! The fact that the "...Earth is His footstool". Isaiah 66:1 That He is Alpha and Omega the Beginning and the End. The depiction of His throne room in Revelation chapter 4 is like WOW!

Why am I bringing up this point? Because we need to meditate on the fact that since our God is such a big God then He also has big things for us to do. Remember little becomes MUCH!!! So whatever God has given you to do please don't sit on it because you think it is to small to matter do it! Therefore however you feel about your God given job remember He has actually given you a Big Job to do.

I have a sign hanging by my desk that says the, "The Lord is my real boss". So since my Big God is my boss then he must give BIG PROMOTIONS! He says in His wonderful word, "Promotion comes neither from the east, nor west, nor south." Psalm 75:6. (Also read verse 7) Promotion comes from God! So is the work that you are doing for God, even if you think it is small, worthy of His promoting you? Are we giving our all? HMMMM!

So what is the Big Job our Big God has given you?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamison,

This is great! Sometimes we need a reminder light in order for us to shine at our fullest potential. Thanks for allowing God's light to shine through you.

Anonymous said...

A Big God deserves a Big Worship, A Big God deserves a Big and continual Praise. How Big we consider God will reflect how we worship and praise Him. If we don't think He is Big ALL the time this will reflect our life as well, and in return spill out in how we ask and expect things from our BIG GOD!. Remember, everything in life is small when compared to God. measure this truth everyday of your life.