Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What's In Your Heart?

Gooooooodddd Moooornnnnniinng!!!

(If you haven't noticed, I AM EXCITED about today and this blog)

Last night, I received an opportunity to commune with my King; no ladies, not my husband but with the Lord himself. Exploring through various scriptures and Christian articles, to "set aside time" was the main principle for us to live by. Have you ever wondered about the daily activities you spend so much time in? Do you receive enjoyment out of these activities? We've all been there... rushing to a child's event, church meeting, or dinner date and once we arrived, how did you feel? IMAGINE if we gathered that same energy and centered it on HIM? Now ask yourself, "how would that feel"?

Praying God will continue to grant you joy, peace and love everyday. May you discover your personal enjoyment in this life and trust God in knowing He will be with you, even to the ends of this earth. Love you all and have a wonderful day!



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