Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lord, Pull On My Heartstrings

Happy Tuesday, Children of God!!! I pray goodness and mercy shall follow you all the rest of your days. During my time of meditation last night, "Lord, pull on my heartstrings" manifested in my spirit. Curious to know the concept behind this statement, I questioned the significance of its meaning. So I thought about guitar strings (chords) and the angelic instrument, the harp. Both are capable and powerful in allowing us to experience a nostalgic effect caused by its melodious sounds. But ask yourself, who's doing the work? Is it the strings or is it the person playing the music?

Brothers and Sisters, I have to attest that it's my God who continues to pull me through the many valleys and abysses of life challenges. Daily  remind yourselves on how WONDERFUL and how GREAT our God is to consider you as one of His own. He is the POTTER and we are the clay!! Allow Him to make beautiful music in and out of your life! Allow HIM to AWE you in your daily walk! And when people ask, "why are you so happy?" Just respond and say, "God is playing my favorite music and all credit belongs to Him".

Heavenly Father, we come boldly before your throne of grace, with a heart of gratitude. Because of You we are able to live. Father, we ask that you forgive us of our sins and wash us from any act of inquity or wickedness. We are your vessels seeking and desiring to be used by you. Lord, help us to cast our concerns on you so that we may continue to walk with boldness and righetousness. Father, please guard our hearts and emotions so we may not defraud ourselves in the face of the enemy. Help us to discern spirits of lust, trickery and decpetion. Father bring the word to our memory to help us fight off those things that are not from you. Father, please continue to cover our pastors, pastors' wives and the entire body of Christ. Father, we love you and adore you. We offer our hearts unto you and ask that you make the most beautiful music ever played and contagious enough to win over lost souls in this world. Jesus, we know you are able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can ask or think according to your riches and glory. In your son Jesus name, we pray and give thanks, Amen!



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